Fluent Easy Study Planner (EN)

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Fluent Easy Study Planner (EN)

Introducing the “Fluent Easy” language study planner.

Your 90 day language learning study planner that has been designed to fast track your learning progress and help you achieve fluency faster and easier.

The Fluent Easy study planner is your blueprint to language success. It is a comprehensive tool that will help you optimise and organise your language learning so you can finally accomplish your language goals.

The exercises, action steps and expert recommendations inside the planner have been carefully chosen so you can build your skills in the four essential areas of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The planner includes everything you need to learn and master a foreign language. It will teach you how to set meaningful goals, track your progress and most importantly stay motivated.

Whether you are learning your first or third foreign language, on your own or with a teacher, the Fluent Easy study planner is THE tool you need to achieve language success.
Astuce – nous te conseillons d’acheter la version EN si tu souhaites apprendre l’anglais !

Here’s exactly what you get inside: 

→ Goal setting

  • Get clear on your language goals and why you want to achieve them. Connecting to the “why” behind your goals will help you focus, stay motivated and keep on track.
  • Establish a realistic timeline to achieve your language goals.

→ Study planner 

  • Daily / weekly customisable study schedules so you can organise your learning, outline study times, establish priorities and set achievable learning goals.
  • Space to note what skills you want to work on and when, for example vocabulary acquisition, grammar, listening practice and fluency practise. You’ll know exactly what you need to study every day, making learning easy and efficient.
  • Reward chart system to keep you motivated during your study sessions and to remind you how much progress you’re making.

→ Recommended resources and materials

  • You’ll find a curated list of the very best language learning resources out there. We’ve done the research so you have to!

→ Speaking & Listening 

  • Speaking: tips on how to find a language exchange partner or tutor so you can practise with a native speaker.
  • Listening: tried and tested strategies to improve your listening skills in your target language.

→ Reading & Writing 

  • Reading: effective ways to improve your reading skills so you expose yourself to new vocabulary and grammar structures.
  • Writing: must-do tips to elevate your writing skills so you can communicate more successfully in your target language.

→ Vocabulary & Grammar 

  • Vocabulary: spaces to create new vocabulary lists categorised by theme and new expressions list with space to note the equivalent in your native language.
  • Grammar: done for you verb tables, spaces to note grammar rules, explanations and answers to exercises.

→ Progress check-ins

  • Weekly and monthly progress check-ins to record your achievements, track your strengths and identify areas for improvement / things you need to adjust to stay on course.

→ Cultural Insights

  • Space to note down traditions, customs and cultural norms so you connect with the language and the people who speak it on a deeper level.

Travel Wishlist

  • Space to list places you’d love to visit to practise your language skills. There’s nothing quite like visiting the country where they speak the language you’ve been learning!

→ Notes 

  • Space to reflect on your language learning journey and document your insights, experiences and ideas to accelerate your progress so you can achieve your goals.

→ Format

  • You’ll receive your planner in PDF format, A4 size (8.27″ X 11.69″).

→ How to download your study planner

  •  You’ll get a confirmation of your order by email with the link to download your PDF.

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